Bridesmaid Measurements


We're so glad you chose to order your bridesmaids dress through us!

Below are the designers that we carry, along with their corresponding size charts.

We strongly recommend that you get professionally measured, and that you do not measure yourself.

Remember, the dress will only fit as well as the measurements you're working with!

Once you submit your measurements, someone  will contact you within 24 hours to confirm and collect payment.

**Please note that B2 and Belsoie now have two size charts! One is for new 2017 and forward and one is for 2016 and previous seasons. Please use caution when submitting your size. If you have any questions please call 239-948-3998**

*Click on each size chart to zoom in.** When entering Height please use a decimal between feet and inches. (ex: 5.6- for 5ft 6in)** 


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